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Kief- The Original Solventless Concentrate

Warning: This stuff makes you stupid.

But only for a while, eventually you snap out of it.

Kief is the term for the dust that collects after harvest. Dust? It’s actually the heads of the trichomes that fall off the bud as it’s being handled. Don’t worry, the buds don’t get hurt at the expense of collecting kief, it’s part of the whole cycle.

Kief is a concentration of THC and CBD and nothing else. It’s the original shatter if you think about it…all these new cannabis derivitives aim to collect the THC from the plant matter. The THC is housed in the heads of the trichomes. Kief. Boom.

You can sprinkle it in a joint to turn ditch weed into knock-out, or smoke a bowl of it. But beware, this is basically pure trichome you’re smoking- it’s strong as hell

1 review for 10Grams OF KIEF

  1. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    this shit is awesone thanks caligreen

    420 Green Weed Dispensary
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