Buy Do-Si-Dos Ireland These Do-si-dos Cali tin stickers are:

Laminated. We laminate the Cali labels to triple their life span and durability.
Waterproof. We use solvent ink not water based.
Weatherproof. People use the same products for shop windows and vehicles.
UV resistant.
Scratch proof.
High definition print for amazing colour depth on our Do-si-dos Cali stickers.
The adhesive on our Do-si-dos strain labels is very strong, so won’t peel off without help. Buy Do-Si-Dos Ireland
Professionally cut by machine – Not scissors.

Product Description

Dosidos pressitin labels, perfect fit for 100ml (3.5g) self seal pressitins.

Our sets contain both lid and label stickers, and fit perfectly.

Printed on high quality vinyl using eco sol inks, these labels stand head and shoulders above others found online.

Available in various quantities, giving savings on the larger quantities.

Do-Si-Dos Labels for 60ml Screw Top Glass Jars supplied with or without Jars Included

60ml Jar Specifications:
Material: Glass with Black Urea Screw On Cap
Top Sticker: 50mm diameter with Tamper Seal Tail
Side Sticker: 160mm x 40mm (w x h)
Jar Diameter: 51mm
Height: 52mm
Capacity: 60ml

DOS is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid and a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. With a super powerful THC level, this strain can make you helplessly sedated and completely couch-locked and therefore is considered as potent for even the most experienced cannabis users. Buy Do-Si-Dos Ireland

  • Smell-proof cans
  • Pull tab style
  • Perfect for dry goods, flower
  • Does not require any tools. Easily press together by hand.
  • Fresh-Lock lid for use after can has been opened.


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